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You want to find out more about UFO?
You want to join in the UFO discussion group?
Then follow this link : UFO Home Page - Marc Martin's pages -
where you will find loads of info about the UFO series, including great sounds and pictures.

The Lt. Gay Ellis Homepage has quite a few real good pictures of the Moonbase Commander.
Different Aspects of UFO, my other site with loads of images of the UFO series.
Richard Wright has a Page about S.H.A.D.O. New Zealand - the animated UFO images on these pages are his work !
Grant Wray's Home Page has a UFO page
Nathalie Audet : The Sci-Fi follies
Ineke 't Hoen : UFO Nitpickers Corner.
Deborah Rorabaugh : Harlington-Straker NW.
Rob Hemmings : The SHADO UK Infiltration Unit.
Lisa Williams : The UFO Episodes Image Library.
Yuchtar : Shadair
Adam Broom's Gerry Anderson Home Page has a UFO page and links to other Anderson pages.
Peter Elliott's Gerry Anderson Home Page is devoted to all Anderson productions

Fan Fiction :
Many people have written their own UFO stories.
I have included two such stories here, written by someone I know personally.
Story 1 : Straker Meets His Match : Commander Straker is on the verge of losing his command ...
Story 2 : Nobody is Perfect : A depressed Straker nearly gets blackmailed
For those of you who have never seen UFO, I advise you to read the story background first.

Other Links

The PINBALL and JUKEBOX Site: Recent pinballs. Lists of all Pinballs ever made. Includes images.

Andrea BOCELLI: Site about Andrea Bocelli, the Italian singer. Includes images, sounds

Loch Ness/UFO:
Loch Ness: I spent a few years in Scotland, at Loch Ness, and was involved in the research there. Includes images of the beasts.
UFOs: UFOs over Belgium (UFO flap 1989-91). Includes images, army report, details army press conference.

The IMAGES Site: Images of Belgium (mainly historical buildings) and Europe

Le Femme Nikita: Images of the Nikita series, episode guide.

Animated Gifs: Lots of Animated gifs to liven up Internet pages


Do you think I've missed some important links ? Email me, and I'll consider adding them.

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