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MarsBase fiction: Stories which involve the MarsBase operatives as well as SHADO ones.

Melissa: The Melissa virus disables the SHADO HQ computer... the MarsBase operatives save the day.
Another Computer Affair: A few MarsBase Operatives get abducted by a UFO, but hey, we rescue them, of course!
Rebellion: Story written in honour of the 5th anniversary of the Fab-Ufo mailing list.

Note: SHADO Fiction is on the Fan Fiction page. The stories mentioned here involve members of the Fab-Ufo list, so if you're not one of us, you may not understand who is who and what is what :-)

As per July 11th 1997,
Our Alien Defence force
has opened its Mars Base.

As per July 21th 1997,
Professor Ed Bishop has
joined the MarsLab Team.

Upon his arrival on Mars
he was welcomed by his cousin,
General Ed Straker


Current Status : Operational
(as from July 21st 1997)

Function : MADO
(Mars Alien Defense Organization)

Division of SHADO

Check out the

Private Bases

private enterprises/bases
currently on Mars

Join us !

All job applications and requests for transfers to : MarsBaseCmdr@shado.iwarp.com


Current Status : Operational

Function :
Research section of SHADO


Enter MarsLab

After you do a VOICE CHECK
Your name and rank should do it

Mars Barbecue

Our Mars Barbecue
will solve that problem

Click here to view what we are eating

Special Projects

Current Status : Operational
(but the paint is still wet)

Function :
Design and Engineering of various Space Vehicles

Special Projects



How the
Mars Face

We eat the Competition !!!

and we own weird Chess sets...

we also build the Nasa spacecraft...

EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT : Happy Hour in the Mars Bar, Free drinks from 8-9 pm in the COMPANY of General Ed Straker... (non-alcoholic beverages only while he's present).

A Free Mars Bar with every beer