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UFO - The Series: MarsBase
* MarsBase Operatives *

Main MarsBase Special Projects Mars Barbecue The Battle ! MarsLab Mars Private Enterprises

Current Personnel Main MarsBase :

Commander-in-Chief Marsbase :
Colonel Lieve Peten
Chief of Security (Second in Command) :
Colonel Richard Wright

Chief Medical Officer : Lt.-Col. Deborah Rorabaugh
Personnel Officer : Lt. Kent Laughlin
Staff Psychologist : Lt. Grant Wray
Computer Records officer : Lt. Rob Hemmings
Satellite Uplink Technician : Lt. John D'Alton
Interceptor Pilots : Lt. Kyle Overdorf,
Lt. Benito Flores-meath, Lt. David Scott, Lt. Steven Rosbury
Interceptor Simulator Operator : Lt. Adam Rorabaugh
Geographical Information System Operator : Lt. Tony Caira
Guy about Base : Lt. Paul McCullough
External Public Relations : Albert Hastings
Nuclear Power Plant Supervisor : Lt. David Lazerson
Mars Propaganda : Lt. Claude Rorabaugh
Budget Management Officer : Lt. Suzanne Sutherland
Translator : Lt. Montse Martinez
Medical Clinician : Lt. Katherine Daley
Alien Contact Specialist : Lt. Bernard Farkin
Bartender / Animator : Lt. Evelyn Baker
Trainer - Individual Combat : Major Yuchtar
Teacher MarsCadet School : Lt. Steve Christensen
MarsCadets : Phelix Wray, Tanis Wray
Cook / Food Scientist : Lt. Nathalie Audet
Martian Industrial Archaeologist : Lt. Chris Freeman
Washing Up, and Cleaning Toilets : Amelia Rogers
Communications : Lt. Sheelagh Hathaway

Current Personnel MarsLab:

Officer in Charge : Colonel Danielle Plamondon
Head of Research : Professor Ed Bishop
Research personnel : Dr. Paul Bowers,
Dr. Sandra Steil Fagundes

Current Personnel Special Projects:

Officer in charge (Chief Engineer) :
Colonel Marc Martin
Design : Lt-Col. Dave Walsh

SHADO Main Office Personnel currently on Marsbase:

General Ed Straker, Commander SHADO
Gen. Straker's Personal Secretary :Lt. Susan Weller
Gen. Straker's Personal Masseuse :Lt. Anny Théberge

US AF Consultant : Major David Bennett

Come and Meet some of our Operatives !!

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Commander-in-Chief Marsbase:
Colonel Lieve Peten

'Actually, Ed, I think it's much more fun living in sin...'
Chief of Security, MarsBase Second in Command
Colonel Richard Wright

'Hey guys, it's none of your business how I spend my furlough!'

Special Projects Chief Engineer:
Lt.-Col. Marc Martin

'Well, guys, she looks amazed at seeing me with those flowers, right?...
Wait till she hears my marriage proposal!'
Chief Medical Officer:
Lt.-Col. Deborah Rorabaugh

'What I do for this organization... Do I get my raise now?'

Cook / Food Scientist:
Lt. Nathalie Audet

'You're the only one that can cure my condition, doctor...'
Personnel Officer:
Lt. Kent Laughlin

'He's so much better than Craig Collins!
What was I thinking??'

MarsLab Research Personnel:
Dr. Paul Bowers

'That woman simply can't keep her hands off me!'
Trainer - Individual Combat:
Lt. Yuchtar zantai Klaan

'When you've recovered, can we try it again?'

Computer Records Officer:
Lt. Rob Hemmings

(image by Rob Hemmings)
Alien Contact Specialist:
Lt. Bernard Farkin

'Do you really believe him when he says he only wants us to come and have
coffee with him and his team on MarsBase?
Then why did he approach us disguised as one of us???'

Mars Propaganda:
Major David Bennett

'Anybody else want to join?'
Martian Industrial Archaeologist:
Lt. Chris Freeman

'Now, what was that you were saying about re-entry, Sir?'

Interceptor Pilot:
Lt. Steven Rosbury

'Nice closeup, good skin... Show me more later...?'
Interceptor Simulator Operator:
Lt. Adam Rorabaugh

'Look Mom, babes!
And you said they didn't let teenagers on the Moon.'

Mars Propaganda:
Lt. Claude Rorabaugh

'Ah - solitude at last...'
In Charge of Waste Disposal:

'Oh - not left-overs from the barbecue again...'