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UFO - The Series: MarsBase
* MarsBarbecue *

Every Saturday Evening - Our Mars Barbecue

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Every Saturday, after the Earth has set under the Mars Horizon, the operatives of MarsBase organise a Barbecue.
It is held at the Pathfinder landing spot, the best way to ensure this feast doesn't last for days on end - we have to get out of there before Nasa communications with their little Pathfinder are restored, right...

Our MarsCat (we called her Marcy) is always on the lookout for any leftovers...
Beware, Marcy has been known to snatch the food away right from under our noses !

Some people say that Carl Sagan's spirit watches over our comings and goings on Mars.

After the Barbecue, we typically have a concert.
The person here is one of our staff who does a mean imitation of Elvis.

Some of our operatives have been known to leave litter behind Which means we receive complaints from NASA for messing up their show