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UFO - The Series: Marsbase
* Special Projects *

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Special Projects - Mars Design and Engineering Team

Oops !!!!
We intercepted this pic just in time, before NASA received it...

As you can see, our Mars Engineering Team has finalised the MarsBuggy.
Currently it is only manufactured in red. Other colours will be available soon.

Introducing the MarsBuggy

Special Projects - Mars Security

As you can imagine, having the Pathfinder up there has compromised the MarsBase security somewhat. Even though we advised NASA to land on the other side of Mars, we thought we would throw in some red herrings to divert their attention.
Though our MarsBase itself is no problem, the Intercepters doing their rounds are....

We had the Harlington-Straker special effects team design and make the 'LGM' to throw non-security cleared NASA personnel off course.
We send in our little LGM (Little Green Man) whenever the interceptors do their rounds.

Here is one of the pics NASA suppressed...

The Mars Nuclear Power Plant