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UFO - The Series: MarsBase
* The Battle of the Face *

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We admit it - in a battle between one of our Marseptors and a UFO, the so-called 'face' was accidentally destroyed. It wasn't us - it was the aliens, I assure you. We at MarsBase do our best to preserve the artifacts of the now extinct alien civilisation on Mars.

July 25, 1976

Photo above:
This was part of the image the Viking camera took

Photo on the right:
This is how the 'face' looks now
We on MarsBase call it the MarSphynx, of course.

April 5th, 1998

So, what happened, you ask? I'll tell you: On January 9th 1998 three UFOs arrived. Since we were all at the birthday party of one of the officers (who shall remain unnamed, since we have no intention of putting part of the blame on her) our defenses were - eh - slightly impaired. General Straker, you see, was ill that day so we were free to sample the latest test results of the MarsStill (which, incidentally, we re-located afterwards since General Straker was becoming suspicious of our frequent trips to the MarsLab). So, when the red alert came on we were rather slow on the uptake.
Our MarsCeptor pilots Lt. Kyle Overdorf and Lt. David Scott managed to down a UFO each, but the third MarsCeptor malfunctioned - its missile wouldn't fire. So Lt. Benito Flores-meath was taking evasive manoevres while ground defenses tried their best to get to the battle area.
As you can see in the photo below, the UFO shot at the third MarsCeptor, but missed - and hit our MarSphynx instead.
A minute later Lt.-Col. Marc Martin and Col. Richard Wright (who had not been drinking, bless them) arrived with some heavy artillery (which shall remain unnamed since it is top-secret) in a MarsBuggy, and shot down the UFO.

With my and General Straker's thanks to the officers concerned.
Signed Colonel Lieve Peten, Commander-in-Chief Marsbase