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UFO - The Series: The Mix

Columbo (shouting): 'Sorry, Sir! Just as well you have good brakes...'

'We had a report of a shot being fired, Sir. Are you sure you heard nothing? I think it came from the house over there - let's go and look, shall we?'

'Part of a movie? A real convincing alien, I must say. I will have a closer look though, if you don't mind...'

'Of course I don't mind coming all the way here, Sir - as long as you can explain, I'm happy - and my bosses are happy.'

'Oh, I shouldn't, Sir, I promised my wife I would stop smoking... Well, maybe just one?'

(Jackson) 'I rather think the dose
in those sigars is a bit strong.'

'There is just one more thing, Sir.
Eh - can you believe it,
I can't remember what I wanted to ask...'


The Mix

Nikita finds out about SHADO

Yes, UFOs, Prime Minister

Are UFOs Being Served at Grace Brothers?

SHADO investigates a possible alien dome...