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UFO - The Series: The Mix

'Our target, gentlemen - Georgina Grant, small-fry industrial spy until she met with terrorists of the Red League - they are a new group. She is currently in possession of the formula of a chemical bomb and will deliver it to them within the next 48 hours. Our surveillance team lost her 24 hours ago.
Tomorrow morning she has an appointment with Ed Straker, the head of the Harlington-Straker film studio. Tonight one of the studio's stuntmen, a Paul Foster, is having a birthday party - according to our intel Ed Straker will be there too. I suggest you make contact and arrange to intercept the Grant woman in the Harlington-Straker offices tomorrow.
The current whereabouts of the Red League's leaders are unknown, so Grant is the only lead we have on them. We want them before they carry out their next attack.'

'Nikita and I came to this party to meet you, Mr. Straker. I have a business proposition for you.'
'I'm listening.'
'I'm marketing a non-alcoholic wine which tastes as good as the real thing - and I want to get it on the market ASAP. For the last 4 days I have tried to get a TV-ad made, and that's where you come in. Every studio I came came accross so far is happy to do it - only they talk of next week, or in a month's time. But I want it done immediately.
We're willing to pay top price for the use of your studio - we project the ad will take two days to make.'

'I suggest you contact Miss Ealand, my secretary, in the morning - she can tell you if we could make a studio available for you.'

'Mr. Straker - you don't understand. Michael plans to get the ad done in the States now, your studio was the last one on his list. I - eh - should go with him, I signed a contract that I would present the wine. Only - I can't go to the States... I - eh - am claustrophobic. I can keep it under control most of the time, but not in a place where I know I cannot get out off when I want to - such as a plane.'
Michael knows this - but he says I either go with him to the States or he'll sue me for breach of contract.'

'As I said, talk to my secretary in the morning.'
'It will be too late, Michael has made a booking on the first available flight, it leaves tomorrow at 10 am. Couldn't you somehow go and check now? Please?'

'Thank you for doing this, Mr. Straker.'
'No need to thank me - I'm a business man.'
(Birkoff's voice, in Nikita's ear transmitter) 'Nikita - keep on Straker. Something is going on, that studio isn't what it seems to be. Ed Straker is ex-AF and so is his stuntman Paul Foster - so are quite a few other employees over there. Straker and his men may be linked to the Red League - or even be it.'
'Mr. Straker - Ed. Can I call you Ed?'
'Of course.'
'I would like to show you my appreciation - maybe you'll join me for a drink? You really cannot have any idea what this has meant to me. Not having to either break the contract or go on that plane... the idea was making me sick!'
'I do understand. Would you like me to show you around the studio?'

'Great fun, Ed, having a whole studio to play in.'
'Being a studio boss has its advantages.'
(Birkoff's voice, in Nikita's ear transmitter) 'Nikita, that building has at least 10 levels nobody knows about. Michael tried to get in but security is too tight. Get Straker out of there and bring him in, we want to question him. Take him to your flat.'
'Ed, how about we get out of here - would you like to come along to my flat?'
'Let's go to my place instead.'
(Birkoff's voice, in Nikita's ear transmitter) 'OK, Nikita, no problem - Michael will be right behind you.'

'What do you want?'
'Information. You have an appointment with a Georgina Grant tomorrow at 10 am. What is it about?'
'Studio business.'
'She is an industrial spy - what is your business with her?'
'Is that what this is about? Espionage? Ms. Grant has a new type of camera for sale - if you can prove to me that it is not her property to sell, I'll definitely not buy it.'
'Grant has contacts with a terrorist group, the Red League - what can you tell us about them?'
'Never heard of them. Who are you people?'
'Anti-terrorist squad.'
'Can I see some identification?'
'No. You're coming with us.'
'If you'll just allow me a phone call-'
'If we find you are above board, you'll be returned.'

'Oh God, Michael, what have we done? What if he doesn't snap out of it?'
'He has a very strong will - he'll make it.'
'Aliens - I can't believe this!'
'What I can't believe is that we were never told. We should have been informed.'
'He's a good man - he doesn't deserve this. Section One spares no-one! Interrogating him for hours - breaking him!'
'We weren't to know. We had every right - the whole set-up at his studio needed investigating, it could have been a front for the Red League.'
'But it wasn't! He has suffered such a lot - losing his son that way - he has sacrificed his personal life for the sake of SHADO, then we come and take even that away from him.'
'Enough! He'll recover. Our medical team is the best on this continent. You're getting too emotional about this, Nikita. Anyway, we did get some useful information out of him - such as the address of the Grant woman.'

'Nikita - you're still here!'
'Did you think I would run away?'
'I don't know.'
'Did you sleep well?'
'I guess. I dreamt - such odd dreams.'
'What about?'
'As if my whole life passed in front of my eyes. Not a good sign, is it? That is supposed to happen when one is dying.'
'Oh, I don't think you'll die just yet. You look pretty healthy to me.'
'It must be the coffee - I practically live on it. Doctors say it isn't good for one, but I've stopped listening to doctors a long time ago.'
'I'll go and make some for you. Nice and strong?'
'Mmm - no hurry. I think I'll take the day off. How about you?'
'Your wish is my command, Sir.'
(Nikita's phone goes - Michael's voice) 'Josephine'

(For those not in the know, the code 'Josephine' means Nikita is called in for a mission - but Michael has been known to call her in even when no mission was about to start.)

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