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UFO - The Series: The Mix

(SkyOne pilot)'Sky One to SHADO HQ - reporting anomalous structure in area where UFO was last seen. Map reference 234.'

(Lt. Ford)'Will investigate'
(Straker)'Where are the nearest mobiles?'
(Lt. Ford)'Up north, Commander - Inverness, Scotland'
(Straker)'It's not far from here, let's use the cars.'

(Straker)'This doesn't look at all like my idea of an alien structure'
(Lake)'Let's go and check outside'

(TT)'You're from a film studio? We ARE getting a lot of attention lately - ever since our species have been discovered we keep finding people hiding behind bushes and filming us.
The other day I even noticed we were on BBC!!! Amazing. Actually, we don't really mind, we love TV. Being on TV - and watching it.
Hey, have a look, this is our favourite program - some series called UFO. Ever heard of it?'


The Mix

Nikita finds out about SHADO

Inspector Columbo investigates the death of an alien....

Yes, UFOs, Prime Minister

Are UFOs Being Served at Grace Brothers?